Become a better photographer with a personal project

photo project better photographer

Having a personal photography project can make you a better photographer. It will train your eye and get you thinking about how you can tell a story with your images. Better images equal better branding, better branding equals more engagement, more engagement equals happy business! I post to my personal Instagram (@heyhey_itsaj) every single day. My […]

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Ultimate Flat Lay Guide

ebook flat lay product photography guide

Grab your free step-by-step guide to creating the ultimate product flat lay photos! There’s no official blog post this week, although here I am still posting! You may have noticed the website has had a bit of a refresh. I’ve tweaked my visual branding slightly and suddenly feel so grown up. I still have some image optimisation […]

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Client Spotlight – J Davies Accounts (with bonus flat lay tip)

Have you noticed the same stock photos pop up on accounts or pages you follow? I’ve used a couple for different things and am always disappointed when I see the image used on someone’s blog post or Instagram graphic. It means that the image is no longer associated with me or my brand. I am not […]

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