Become a better photographer with a personal project

photo project better photographer

Having a personal photography project can make you a better photographer. It will train your eye and get you thinking about how you can tell a story with your images. Better images equal better branding, better branding equals more engagement, more engagement equals happy business! I post to my personal Instagram (@heyhey_itsaj) every single day. My […]

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Ultimate Flat Lay Guide

ebook flat lay product photography guide

Grab your free step-by-step guide to creating the ultimate product flat lay photos! There’s no official blog post this week, although here I am still posting! You may have noticed the website has had a bit of a refresh. I’ve tweaked my visual branding slightly and suddenly feel so grown up. I still have some image optimisation […]

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Client Spotlight – J Davies Accounts (with bonus flat lay tip)

Have you noticed the same stock photos pop up on accounts or pages you follow? I’ve used a couple for different things and am always disappointed when I see the image used on someone’s blog post or Instagram graphic. It means that the image is no longer associated with me or my brand. I am not […]

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3 things to think about when composing your image

One of the biggest advantages to using your phone camera (or a point and shoot on auto – does anyone use these anymore?!) is the fact that you are left to concentrate on the composition of your image. I see composition as the “art” of photography and using a DSLR camera on manual (f-stops, ISO, […]

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Client Spotlight – My Pet Script

If you have a dog you’re going to love this week’s Client Spotlight. Meet Frankie and Otis, two gorgeous Basenji’s and the face of My Pet Script. Michelle Holland is the genius behind the subscription box service, focusing on the health and well-being of your beloved pets. My brief was simple, capture the relationship between Michelle and her […]

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