Gorgeous photos to showcase your brand and personality
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AJ Harrington Photography

Tell your story with images created just for your brand.

Hi, I’m Amanda and I love to create personalised branded images that will make your business sing from the roof tops! Whether it’s product images, professional headshots or stunningly styled flat lay images to make your social media the talk of the town, together we’ll bring out your personality and brand that you’ll be proud to show off.


My clients continually thank me for making it easy. Some even say fun!

So take the stress out of creating visual content.


How I Can Help

Product Photography

Professional product images sell products. That’s a fact. I can help with white background product images and styled lifestyle images that will make your products look as good in an image as they are in real life.

Personal Branding

You are your business and what better way to reach your ideal audience than by showing the real you! Make your business stand out from the crowd – because no one does you better than you!

Branded Flat Lays

How good do social media feeds look when they’re perfectly curated with branded flay lays. Why waste your precious time searching the free libraries for all the wrong images when you can have your own.


Learn how to take the ultimate flat lay photo
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Professional Branded Photography


Tell your story, showcase your products and consolidate your brand.

I Know…


  • That you are time poor and you don’t want to add taking photos to your never ending to do list
  • That you are proud of the work you do and you want photos that communicate your skills and that quality to your audience
  • That you need to trust your photographer because stepping in front of the camera is daunting
  • That you need to have someone who makes that process easy and can convert your ideas and your brand into amazing visuals
  • That you want to stand out from the crowd and show YOUR amazingness

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Learn how to take the ULTIMATE flat lay image!