Well, the workshop on the weekend was a great success. There was lots of engagement and everyone left feeling inspired. Which in turn inspires me! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to hosting another one soon (leave me a message if you want to be kept in the loop for when that is). One of the things we talked about was flat lays. What is a flat lay exactly? It’s simply a collection of related objects shot on a flat surface from a birds-eye view. And following on from my last post it is a really powerful way to tell a story.

When taking photos of people or products, using props – giving them something to do – is a way to give your image a time, a place and an emotion. The nature of a flat lay means props are essential, so it adds context to your subject and enhances your story. It connects the viewer.

Be deliberate and keep it simple. Use a basic background, but be creative. Use your wooden table, a marble bench, vinyl offcuts, wrapping paper, bed sheets… the list goes on. Just make sure that it is flat and that it doesn’t reflect light.

Select your props to show your subject in terms of a story. The Bunnings gift card for example, with the inclusion of the hand-drawn card and the cake you can see that this was a birthday present and the receiver knows or has young children. There’s a story there.

The composition is key in a flat lay image. Keep an eye out for future posts on how to style them and compose them for maximum impact.

And if you have online products or services and you want to connect with your customer by telling a story through the photos you use on your website and social media accounts I can help. I can style the shots to connect to your brand’s story which in turn connects you to your customer. Check out my packages and drop me a line. Look forward to helping!