A few weeks ago I explored a part of my city that I hadn’t ever been to before. I’d seen some beautiful photos on Instagram in a place called The Secret Garden in Perth and wanted to check it out. I rallied my sister and cousin and our children for a school holiday picnic.

It was everything I wanted it to be. Literally, a childhood dream come true. Ponds, trees covered in vines, cubby holes, tiny tracks to be explored, trees to climb. I wish I could go back in time and explore it as a 10-year-old. I took my camera along as a challenge to shoot a subject that is outside of my niche. Despite being a photographer I rely on my phone camera too often in situations like this (and I usually end up regretting it, wishing I hadn’t been so lazy and made the effort to lug the DSLR around). I am so glad I did!


The light was beautiful. It wasn’t crowded and I got some great shots. I took 137 photos though. The changing light and moving kids meant I had to keep adjusting my settings and recomposing shots. I didn’t share all 137 shots with my friends and family. I chose the best 15 or so. Ones that contributed to the story I wanted to tell and that fit in with my brand so to speak. Not my professional brand as a product and blog photographer but ones that appealed to the same sense of aesthetic and professionalism as I have in the photos I take for clients.


If you want to show a cohesive brand story then you’ll need the know-how to capture images that represent that. Even when I shoot products, flat lays and still life type scenes it might take 20 or so images to get the composition right, the props right and the story right for each one.


I have a couple of morals to my story. One is for me… take your camera out more AJ! The others are for you. Hiring a professional is worth it. Flat lays are not as effortless as they look (some more tips on that coming up) and editing out images that don’t represent you, your brand or your story is just as important as the ones that you include. With people reading less and skimming more you need your blog and website images to do the talking for you.

And when your nephew is as adorable as mine he’s all the talking I need…


So if you’re ready to show the world the best of what you have to offer check out my packages and drop me a line. Before you go… tell me… what was your childhood dream?