I had the pleasure of shooting products for Nikki Kable, Artist recently. If you love the ocean, bright blue skies, starry nights and vibrant colours then you will love the resin art that Nikki produces. Not only does she design and create one off pieces, she turns her own designs into beautiful homewares and accessories. It was these that I photographed for her Esty page and to be used on her social media accounts.

I shot these at Nikki’s house. I researched her designs and took a load of props with me to incorporate and style in the photos. Similar props were used in each set of images to create a clean, cohesive and vibrant look. I can’t take credit for those tulips though! Serendipitously it was Nikki’s birthday a few days before and these were sent to her by a friend. Lucky for me too! I may just call into the florist en route to my next job.

I like to think these photos do her amazing creations justice. And I think the fact that she sold out of one of her cushion designs just days after uploading her new set of shots proves that they do and that photos sell. Getting the customer to connect to your story and showing them how your products fit into their life is an important part of any marketing strategy.

If you’ve discovered that you need these cushions or scarves in your life then visit Nikki and make one (or more) of them yours. If you want to know more about how I can help connect to your brand and sell your products drop me a line. I look forward to discussing your story.