Phone cameras are pretty amazing these days aren’t they? My iPhone is my most used camera and I share images from my phone every day. Iphoneography definitely has its place in our lives and our social media campaigns, but is it enough?

Do you really need to pay a professional photographer for images when phone cameras take such great shots? Well, if you want to stand out from the crowd (and here’s why you should want to) then I think it is definitely an investment worth making. Well of course I’d say that, I am a photographer after all! But have a look at the following flat lay comparisons and decide for yourself. What do you think?


The first image is the phone shot and the second the SLR shot (hopefully you picked that yourself!). The colours are richer (and more faithful to the actual colours of the products), the shadows are less obvious and there’s less distortion. If you’re competing in a saturated market then this small difference could be all you need to make people click on your image to learn more.


Once again the top image is the phone shot and the second image the SLR. For transparency these images have been edited, the phone images with apps and the SLR images in Lightroom. Only basic adjustments have been made: exposure, contrast, noise.

These basic comparisons show that a professional camera takes more professional images. But there’s more than just this technical fact that makes hiring a professional worth it. One, they know how to use the camera to get the most out of the scene (Auto doesn’t cut it) and two they know how to set the scene to get the most out of the products. I consider the two most important factors in making a good image to be composition and lighting. If you don’t know how to compose an image to make it visually appealing or how to manipulate light to highlight what you want then you aren’t getting the best image. And when you are trying to get clients and customers to engage and buy from you, you want to be putting your best images out there. The ones that reflect the best of your brand and your products.

If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd with the best imagery then check out my packages and drop me a line. I look forward to helping!