One of the things I love about my job, besides the actual styling and photography, is getting to meet local, amazingly talented and creative people. Amanda from Amanda’s Woollen World is one such person whom I have had the pleasure of working with recently. She creates unique woollen masterpieces and I had such fun shooting some of her products.


That’s not to say they weren’t challenging and that is one of the reasons Amanda came to me. Sometimes the nature of handmade, 3D objects means they can be hard, and unforgiving to photograph. And to be honest they took me some time to get right. I took them out into the wild to see if I could show their personalities as a parody of their actual selves… but found the craftsmanship was lost (and I got eaten alive my mosquitos while I was faffing about!).

My favourite piece is the Kombi van, and he was the hardest to photograph. On my go-to white backdrops (featured in the first snail photo above) his roof was completely lost.  So I tried black marble backdrops, but they didn’t really make sense in terms of a story for the product. I tried Stop and Go signs but they didn’t match his quirky personality.  In the end I styled him as he might be displayed in a room, that is on a shelf in a child’s bedroom.  My grey walls (rather than the white backdrop) provided enough contrast and the simple props allow you to appreciate the work and detail that has gone into making him. Amanda shows a lot of attention to detail. And I like to think that I do too.


I really think about the products I am entrusted to photograph.  I think about their story and what styling elements bring out the best in them. I think about props, backdrops, lighting, composition, what lens to use and what settings to have on my camera. The final images that I show to the client may have had 5, 10, more iterations. Themes run through the images to create a story that reflects each individual product and also the brand that they belong to.  You’ll notice similar blocks are used in the Kombi and snail image and the next image is “shelf styled” like the Kombi. There’s overall cohesion.


If you’d like to see more of Amanda’s work her scarf is featured in a previous post of mine on telling a story and she’s on Facebook and Instagram @AmandasWoollenWorld.  She really does have unique, quirky and beautifully made items perfect for a special present.

And if you would like me to help you photograph your handmade and much loved products to showcase your creative talents please get in touch.  I look forward to helping!