A lot of my posts so far have been about having great product images and why it’s important to have the best ones on your website and social media accounts. But this is also true of any online business, even if you don’t have a product to sell. If you have a website and are trying to get customers, or a blog and want people to engage, then you need compelling imagery.


People remember photos and images more than they remember text. If you can show what you do, or what your article is about in an image then viewers are not only going to remember it, they are more likely to share it. In actual fact they are more likely to see it  in the first place.

Here’s two examples where clients have used personalised photography on their websites without including products. They understood the importance of connecting to their audience and staying true to their brand.

J Davies Accounts

Jen at J Davies Accounts didn’t want standard accounting stock images to represent her business. We used her business cards, colours that fit with her logo and shot the images at her house. She had ownership and input into how the images looked. She knew where she needed to use them and we tailored each image for its particular use on her site. The overall effect is one of professionalism with a touch of personality.


Sky Families

Erica owns Sky Families a site supporting partners of pilots and their families. She is a regular blogger and I recently shot some of her blog header images. Each image was specifically shot for a blog post. She sent me her Style Guide (more on what one is and why it’s a good idea to have one in a future post), links to each article and we went from there. To tie the images together and to represent her brand you’ll notice the little aeroplane in each shot. As mentioned in a previous post, props are a great way to help tell your story. The plane injects some individuality and personality into the images. (I  also added a text overlay with the blog title using colours and fonts that fit with her brand… I’ll share her final graphics in a Client Spotlight post.)


Branding is important. Imagery is important. The two tie together. They show your prospective clients who you are. They help tell your story and they capture your audience. You don’t need to sell products to engage a photographer for great website images. You just need a story. You need a brand and an idea. They’ll be able to combine the two so your website gets more visits and people stay to hear (or read!) what you have to say.

If you want help to create cohesion across your website, if you want help with professional, personal website images then please get in touch. I love what I do and I would love to help you.