As a work-from-home-Mum I try to schedule my shoots while my daughter is at school. She only goes to Kindy 5 days a fortnight so sometimes I have to work around her. If the client needs a tight turn around or the light is fabulous and I am feeling inspired I’ll whip out the camera while she’s home with me. She knows I take photos for work and is usually happy to play independently while I’m shooting. Sometimes though she likes to help.

I’ve found the best way to work while she’s home is to involve her… even if only for a few minutes. I listen her ideas, shoot what she’s asking me to (she usually adds a My Little Pony to the flat lay or wants to be holding the object I’m shooting), then with her need to connect satisfied, she loses interest again and goes back to what she was doing.

It does take patience. Sometimes it doesn’t always work and I have to give up. Sometimes I get gold like this…


This was for a product shoot for Nikki Kable Artist and her beautiful cushions. I sent this shot to Nikki for fun. She is also a mother of young children and I knew she would appreciate the situation.

This is how the shot was set up before Miss 4 became the Creative Director.


I use this same philosophy when taking photos of Miss 4 generally. She is my go-to prop holder and inspiration behind many of my photos on Instagram. She is also my test subject when I am trying out a new technique, lighting situation or style. She loves watching videos of herself so if I ask her to pose for me I also take a video with my phone afterwards so she’s happy to co-operate. It’s a bit of give and take. That’s how I got this shot.


If you’ve read my flat lay tips post you’ll know I stay away from direct sunlight, always shooting away from windows to eliminate shadows. This limits me sometimes so I’m practising new ways of using light, enabling me to grow as a photographer. It took me 65 shots to get this one. But I endeavour to keep growing, keep learning and not being limited by having a 4 year old at my feet when I work. I’ll work with her, involve her and encourage her (with the goal that she leaves me in peace for a few more minutes, haha!).

Are you a work-at-home-mum?  How do you manage it? Help us all out and share your tips below!