We are visual creatures. People process information contained in images quicker than they do text. The images on your website (or on your social media accounts) are your viewer’s first impression of your brand and your business. For that reason alone the photos you have displayed are important (and why it’s important to come across as professional). Here’s are a couple of other reasons why images are important that you may not have thought of before…

1. Get seen


According to MDG Advertising content with images get 94% more total views than content without.

That’s huge. Almost twice the number of people will read your blog post if you include imagery. Of course, the images have to be relevant to your content or you will just leave your viewer confused. You also want to make sure they reflect your brand so that you are building on that first impression.

2. Create engagement


Images are becoming the universal language and they way we use social media is proof of that. Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and Facebook users post 350 million photos every single day (source). How does that affect the way we engage though?

BuzzSumo reveals that Facebook updates with images have 2.3x more engagement than those without.

This means that instead of one person liking, commenting or sharing your post, by including a relevant and engaging image you could have 3 people doing these things.  This is a big deal in terms of your organic reach on Facebook!

3. Enhance SEO


SEO is Search Engine Optimisation – essentially making sure Google can find you. This is a comprehensive subject and *insert disclaimer here* I am certainly no expert on it. I do know that your images on your website can help with the process of making sure you turn up in searches.

To do this, make sure your file names are meaningful and the alternate text fields are filled out.

When indexing your site search engines can’t see what’s in the images, only the text associated with them. For this reason, it’s important to name your image file with a description of what it is rather than the generic output from the camera. The alt text field is used by programs for the visually impaired (the software speaks the description to the user) and it is also additional information for the search engines to discover. It’s generally ok to add a couple of keywords in here, but search engines will overlook them if it’s just a list of keywords and not a genuine description of the image.

4. Convert customers

As we learnt in point 1. Get Seen, good images will bring more people to your site. They will create engagement with your audience (point 2) and this will keep them on your site for longer (which will also increase your SEO). You then have a greater opportunity to sell to them through your content and your images.

In an online store, more customers think that the quality of a product’s image is more important than its product-specific information (67% say it’s “very important”). Think about how you purchase online. If two brands were selling the same thing for a similar price and one had poorly lit, blurry images and the other had clean, crisp, detailed images which one do you think you would be more likely to purchase from?

Check out this story on how photos helped launch Airbnb!

5. Consolidate your brand

You might remember from one of my first posts that your images help tell your story. If you create a connection with your audience, you create credibility. If you stay true to your brand, you create recognition.  You form a link between yourself and your customer. You want people to see your images (and your content) and recognise that it is you speaking. They know your brand, they connect to it.

Your website is your base for your brand. Having a set of professional images on your website means you can push these out to your social media accounts, increasing your online presence and creating engagement. When that engagement builds a relationship and your customer visits your site to employ your services or buy your product they will be familiar with the story you’re telling.


I hope these points reinforce why professional imagery is so important for the growth of your business. If you would like to discuss a concept or get a quote please drop me a line.

I love what I do and I’d love to help you.