I love working with small handmade businesses. It’s easy to connect to the brand story when the creator is the face of the business. Sharon at Flying Fairy Creations is a very talented crafter and resin artist. She makes unique tooth boxes, resin jewellery and hand painted fairy/dragon doors. They’re magical and that was what I wanted to bring to her product images.

I did a concept shoot first up with a selection of products. I went away from my go-to white backgrounds to inject a sense of fun into the images and used props to add a further sense of playfulness. The trick here was to keep the tooth boxes as the main focus and make sure the props didn’t steal the story. I did this by keeping the product in the centre of the image and “framing” it – with all the additional elements being cropped at the edges. (For more composition ideas I have a whole post on ways to style your flat lay.) I must give thanks to my 4-year old daughter for having a multitude of “small things” around the house for me to choose from!

With the concept receiving an enthusiastic tick of approval from Sharon we went ahead to discuss exactly what she needed for her website re-development. I love being able to put together a set of images for a client that will be used across all of their branding. When your entire website is on-brand it creates credibility with the story you are telling and helps to create a connection with your audience (consolidating your brand is just one of the important things images do for your website).

Along with on-white individual product shots, Sharon needed Category images for each section of her shop. We picked the background colours and off I went. To create a sense of cohesion I used the same three background colours but in alternate arrangements to keep the set of images from becoming too stagnant. So that the message wasn’t diluted with a set of different props for each image I just used the stars and jewels to keep the magical feel (except for the fairy doors… I needed to add a bit of height in with the props).

The result is a very recognisable brand concept. When customers see these images on social media and come to the Flying Fairy Creations website to purchase they are familiar with the look and feel of the product images. They know what to expect and that builds trust.

To view all the images from Sharon’s shoot and to purchase a unique gift for your little one  (or yourself, she does adult jewellery too!) head on over to Flying Fairy Creations and enter a magical kingdom.

(As an aside Miss 4 wanted to keep every. single. one. of the items I was shooting… and there was nearly 100! I’m sure your kids will love the creations too.)

If you want to create a cohesive brand look for your website please get in touch.  We can create a package that will suit the exact number of images you need and I can format them for exactly where you need to use them. I love what I do and I would love to help you!