If you have a dog you’re going to love this week’s Client Spotlight. Meet Frankie and Otis, two gorgeous Basenji’s and the face of My Pet Script. Michelle Holland is the genius behind the subscription box service, focusing on the health and well-being of your beloved pets. My brief was simple, capture the relationship between Michelle and her fur babies and take some portrait style shots of the pooches.

The morning of the shoot Michelle rang to say Otis had been stung by a bee and had to be under observation at the vets. The little trooper recovered quickly though so we went ahead with the shoot and it certainly didn’t slow him down.

That’s Otis on the left and Frankie on the right. Aren’t they gorgeous? 

Michelle sent me an example of a website she admired so I knew roughly how the images would be used. This helps enormously when going into a shoot. I can consider backgrounds, the orientation, the final crop and if space needs to be left for text. I can deliver the best images from the session to fit where you need them too (there’s no point in having a great shot if it doesn’t fit as your header image!).

I also received a picture of the pooches and we talked about what Michelle should wear. Through this concept development stage, it is important to get your brand story across to your photographer. How do you want the images to look? Actually, I’m going to go back a step here and say, think about how you want your images to look BEFORE you get in touch with a photographer. Do your research and have a look at the photographer’s style. Make sure they fit with YOUR brand. Photographers can step outside their niche and still produce great images but if they have a style they love and it works with your idea of your images then I’d recommend pursuing that fit.

Michelle had a white chair set up in the backyard and the pup’s rug laid out ready to go when I got there. We’d talked about the style and I knew how the images would be used. It made for a fun and stress-free shoot (besides the bee sting to poor Otis of course!).

If you want to know more about My Pet Script have a look at their website (if you’re on a mobile scroll down and choose View Full Site to get the full effect of the images). And if you want to book a session to get your website imagery looking cohesive and representing your brand story please get in touch. You can also check out my Gallery or read other Client Spotlight posts to see how I approach the sessions to get the right brand message across. If you like what you see please call.

I love what I do and I’d love to help you!