Have you noticed the same stock photos pop up on accounts or pages you follow? I’ve used a couple for different things and am always disappointed when I see the image used on someone’s blog post or Instagram graphic. It means that the image is no longer associated with me or my brand. I am not making that extra connection with my audience. As more small business owners are increasing their presence online the free stock images available are becoming diluted. Even the bigger companies get caught out, as with this example from Quibb

companies use the same stock photo of a girl leaning on a car

You can have beautifully curated, bespoke website imagery.

Imagery that will only be found on your website. Imagery that is perfect for your brand. This builds trust with your audience. You are consistent and unique. This is exactly the message that Jen at J Davies Accounts wanted her website visitors to feel when they came in contact with her brand. She runs a bookkeeping and accounting business and prides herself on being professional, accurate, reliable and efficient. A set of custom images for her website speaks all of those things. Her branding is reliable and professional, with a touch of personality.

We used her logo and business cards as a starting point for a colour palette and built a concept around the tasks she completes for her clients. We went through her website and designed specific content for where it needed to be e.g. header images, contact page, services etc. By using the same props and concept across the site it consolidates her brand and builds trust.

Bonus flat lay tips

I’ll dissect the image above for some styling and composition tips here too. Note the use of colour in the image. Props have been selected that complement each other in terms of colour and size. None of them draws too much of the focus.

Texture has been added with the use of the plants, and the wood and burlap pots. The colour of the coffee balances the colour of the wood on the opposite site. There is also balance in terms of the plants, 1 larger one on the left, 2 smaller ones on the right. Blue appears on both halves of the image and also black.

The composition style I used here is the Controlled Chaos, or lifestyle look. At first glance, it just looks like we’ve chucked a heap of office products on the table but when you dissect it like I have above you see there is a reason each object is there and it has been placed deliberately.

Did that spiel help to draw your eye into all the elements that are at work?

Stock images weaken your brand. If you want personalised website imagery that tells your story and ONLY your story please get in touch. I want to help you consolidate your brand and create trust with your audience. I love what I do and I’d love to help you.