If you’re on social media, you need a consistent brand. You want people to see your posts, to see your images, to read your content and know that it is you talking.

Consistent branding builds trust.

Branding is so much more than your name, your logo or what font you use. Although they are important elements, and you do need to be consistent when using colours and fonts, you also need to be consistent with your tone of voice, your visual imagery, what kind of content you share and what your message is. Your brand is an experience. It’s what your customer thinks, feels, hears and sees whenever they come into contact with your business. It can be daunting to think this big so I have pulled together 7 sites with fantastic resources to help you define your brand.

blog image 7 resources to help define your brand

Lesya Liu

30 Questions to Help You Develop Your Business Branding

Lesya Liu is a social media strategist and has put together a comprehensive walkthrough to get you thinking about you, your business and your target audience. The what’s, the why’s and the how’s are all covered.

Big Brand System

Discover your Brand Personality: A Quiz

Big Brand Sytems has a clever little quiz that will give you a personality definition for your brand. This should give you a couple of buzz words that you can refer back to while defining the other aspects of your brand.

MultiChannel Merchant

5 Steps to Creating and Implementing Your Brand Voice

MultiChannel Merchant asks, “If your brand was a person, how would it speak?”. Are they funny, serious, verbose, concise? Having a conversation with your brand can help you work out HOW you tell your message

Yael Keon

10 Steps to DIY Your Brand

From defining your unique selling point and core message to choosing font and website themes, Yael Keon, an online marketing strategist and coach, has stepped everything out for you.

Jessica Osborn

Brand building success: How to choose a good brand name

What about your brand name? There is so much to consider when choosing your name. Besides working out if it is right for you, have you considered if the domain and social media handles are available? Jessica Osborn, a marketing coach, has 9 steps to make sure you don’t have to rebrand down the track.

Belle Lockerby

How to get brand colour consistency across platforms

So you have your name, your colours picked and you want to start creating content but how do you make sure that it all IS consistent? Belle Lockerby, the productive brand strategist, has your back. Belle’s site is also a fabulous example of how you can inject some personality into your brand voice.



Ok, I know this is a general site and not a specific resource but Pinterest is GOLD when it comes to curating a visual identity. Add a private board and start to pull together images that reflect all the things you have discovered by going through the articles listed above. Photos of landscapes that have your brand colours in them, quotes in your brand voice, product styling images that you admire, outfits you’d love to be wearing for your headshots, interior design shots that embrace your brand personality. This mood board will become a resource you refer to often, especially if you are engaging professional designers, marketers or photographers to help you on your branding journey.

mood board for AJ Harrington brand

The results from working through all these resources can also be put together into a style guide.

If you want to learn how to DIY the visual imagery part of your brand then head to the Courses page to find out when my next Masterclass is being held. You’ll learn how to take engaging images that tell your brand story. No fancy camera required, you can do it all with your phone. From basic composition rules to styling and editing you can ensure your social media feed and product images are reflecting the brand you have worked so hard to define.