Meet Amanda

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Hi, I’m AJ

I’m a work-at-home mum of one, based in Mandurah, Western Australia. I’m a diehard Instagram fan, coffee addict, TV show binger and sky gazer.

In my previous life (before child) I was an Exploration Geophysicist in the oil and gas industry. I offset this science-based profession by trying anything and everything crafty or creative that I could. Sewing (I still do), painting (need more practice), crochet (fail).

Why Photography?

I fell into photography wandering around the bush taking macro photos of flowers and fungi. That developed into a thirst to know more about the craft (I’m a self-confessed studying/researching geek) and I completed my Diploma in Photography. And now, that’s my thing (photography, not the fungi… although it is fascinating!)

I also completed three years of taking and posting a phone photo every day to Instagram. That set me on the road to developing my visual brand and storytelling ability.

I love that photographs can tell a story. I love that they can literally stop people on the never-ending social media scroll. I love that they hold emotion, express a mood, and evoke art. I want to help you tell your story. Your business story. I want to help you showcase your handmade or much-loved products and show your value to the world. I want to support your endeavour.

The photographs that I take will bolster your website, your blog and your social media accounts. You’ll be putting your best foot forward.

You can find out more about my services and how I can help you here.

I look forward to working with you -xo-

flat lay product photography
flat lay product photography mandurah
Only the Best

Showcase Your Brand

Professional images allow your brand to stand out from the rest. Standard stock photos are common and generic. Whilst they might look ok on your website or socials, they aren’t yours. They can pop up on anyone elses feed or website – even your direct competitor! 

Professional Images Sell

Good images create trust with your audience. Whether it is trust that you are who you say you are with personal branding, or trust that you care about your products and your reputation so much that you took the time and made the investment to make them look their best.


Learn how to take the ULTIMATE flat lay image!