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header for consistent visual branding

How to build and be consistent with your visual identity Your digital platforms—your socials and website—should all be contributing to your brand. Building consistency in your brand is equivalent to building trust with your audience. Your viewer comes to know your content, your style and starts to build a connection with you. It’s an important step […]

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Become a better photographer with a personal project

photo project better photographer

Having a personal photography project can make you a better photographer. It will train your eye and get you thinking about how you can tell a story with your images. Better images equal better branding, better branding equals more engagement, more engagement equals happy business! I post to my personal Instagram (@heyhey_itsaj) every single day. My […]

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Ultimate Flat Lay Guide

ebook flat lay product photography guide

Grab your free step-by-step guide to creating the ultimate product flat lay photos! There’s no official blog post this week, although here I am still posting! You may have noticed the website has had a bit of a refresh. I’ve tweaked my visual branding slightly and suddenly feel so grown up. I still have some image optimisation […]

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