Christmas Content diy day

Get all your Christmas content shot and edited in 1 day!

Are you dreading the rush of Christmas content you need to produce? Do you get stuck with styling your products or creating content for your serviced based biz? 

We are moving into the Christmas promo period (well, crazily, it has already started!) and now is the time to be planning out your visual content.

If you are like me though you procrastinate on the actual doing or get overwhelmed having to come up with ideas for your content.

What if you could...

… get all of your Christmas styling shot and edited in 1 day?

A mass of images for you to use on your social channels, in your Christmas promotions and on your website?

Shot and edited with all props and backgrounds and wonderful lighting right there at your disposal.

That’s just what we will do.

At Feld & Co, Monday 15th of October, 10am – 2pm

Here's what you'll get

Imagine the absolutely relief of not having to think about what to post each week. You’ll have a set of personal stock images to draw on that represent your brand and showcase your products.

baking inspired christmas flat lay in a grid arrangement

LET'S get styling and create your christmas content

This will be an intimate affair with only limited tickets available. 

Portrait of AJ Harrington Phtographer leaning against a white wall and looking off camera

Hi! I'm Aj 👋🏼

I’m a product, website and branding photographer working with growing businesses

I have 10 years photographic experience and specialise in capturing the essence of a brand through storytelling. As a visual storyteller, I connect brands to their audience by giving a time, place and emotion to the subjects I photograph. I create visual content that is personally styled and perfect for your business…

 and I also teach you how to do the same!


This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Let's learn and create and style together

Monday 15th October, Feld and Co, 10am – 2pm. Lunch provided

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you provide props?
Yes! And backgrounds and light modifiers. By all means bring some of your own props if you have them – you’ll be able to create perfectly branded images.

What do I need to bring?
Any products you want in a Christmas promotion or to post in your feed. If you’re service based, some of your own specialty props. Your phone and a charger (and a power pack if you have it, I will have power boards).

Do I need to download any apps?
If you want to pre-download them I can provide a list of recommended apps. Free wifi is available at the venue so we can do it there as we go through it.

When and where is it?
Well be at the amazing Feld and Co, Marmion Street, Booragoon on Monday 15th between 10am and 2pm. Lunch is provided.

Can we collaborate with other businesses there?
Absolutely! And I will encourage it. Borrowing products to help with your styling is a fantastic idea and you have the bonus of using those images to cross-promote on social media and reach a new audience.

Have another question?
Email me here.

All Your Christmas content done in 1 day!

Limited tickets available.

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